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Provide answers to major global challenges

Fighting climate change, inventing new models that reconcile growth and resource protection, taking action for equal opportunities, promoting access to basic services… SUEZ is committed every day to provide concrete solutions to major global challenges.

Contributing to the collective issues of our time is one of the aims of any company: that is my profound conviction
Jean-Louis Chaussade - Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ
Fight climate change

Fighting climate change is an absolute priority for SUEZ. In its previous sustainable development road maps, the Group had already set targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions and conserve resources. In October 2015, SUEZ made 12 new climate commitments.

SUEZ bekämpar klimatförändringar

SUEZ bevarar biologisk mångfald

Preserve biodiversity

The decrease in animal and plant populations, the extinction of some species and the simplification of ecosystems are contributing to the reduction in biodiversity. Aware of its role, SUEZ affirms its commitment through a concrete action plan recognised as an integral part of the National Strategy for Biodiversity in France.

Protect the oceans

A source of water, heat and oxygen, the oceans are essential for life and play a major role in mitigating climate change. Yet over-fishing, rising temperatures and pollution threaten them. As an expert in the water and waste sectors, SUEZ and its stakeholders have an important role to play in preserving them.

SUEZ skyddar haven

Support vulnerable populations

SUEZ supports disadvantaged populations and the social integration of people in distress through initiatives in France and around the world.

SUEZ stöder utsatta befolkningar

SUEZ agerar för lika möjligheter

Act for equal opportunities and diversity

Equal opportunity, a key indicator of a company’s social responsibility, lies at the heart of the Group's social performance. It is ensured through a structured, long-term plan supported by engaged employees and a committed management team.

Contribute to regions' economic development

SUEZ contributes to balanced and sustainable development of regions by working with stakeholders that are crucial to their development and vitality: SMEs, integration organisations, disabled workers sector, social and solidarity economy players.

SUEZ bidrar till regional ekonomisk utveckling

SUEZ stöder rätten till vatten och sanitet

Support the right to water and sanitation

SUEZ fully assumes its role in promoting and implementing the right to water and sanitation. Thanks to its expertise, it is able to offer a full range of solutions in response to all issues faced by both developed and developing countries.

Spread and share our know-how

Given the growing complexity of the issues at stake, regional projects must increasingly be the result of a collective approach. The Group therefore places a great deal of importance on activities related to knowledge sharing.

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