Till toppen av sidan

Partnership, sponsorship and membership

Våra partnerskap bygger på långsiktiga relationer inom framför allt miljö, välgörenhet och idrott.

En Svensk Klassiker

Since 2014 we are a partner of En Svensk Klassiker and together we develop the races recycling and waste management. In addition, a number of our employees carry out the various classical runs.

En Svensk Klassiker consists of Vasaloppet, Engelbrektsloppet, Vätternrundan, Vansbrosimningen and Lidingöloppet since 1971.


In 2008 SUEZ entered as one of the main sponsors for Kolmårdens zoo. The purpose of the cooperation is to strengthen the image of Kolmården as an environmentally aware zoo. There is also a natural link between Kolmårdens zoo, conservation of endangered animals, and SUEZ activities that protect the environment. Through the cooperation, we want to communicate the benefits of recycling and the important role that SUEZ plays in society.

With the message "Think of the animals. Keep nature clean" SUEZ want to remind visitors to throw their trash into the garbage cans instead of leaving it in the nature.

Läkare utan gränser

Läkare utan gränser is a medical humanitarian organization that saves lives and relieves an emergency where its needed the most. The organization assist people who suffer from crises, wars and natural disasters regardless of political opinion, religion or ethnicity.

Every year, around 2,800 international field workers, together with approximately 30,000 local employees, carry out missionaries for Läkare utan gränser in nearly 70 countries around the world.

In 1999, Läkare utan gränser was awarded Nobel Peace Prize.

Håll Sverige Rent

SUEZ is a friend company of Håll Sverige Rent. Håll Sverige Rent works to prevent and counter the crash. The garbage is everywhere - in the city, in nature and in the sea. Håll Sverige Rent collects knowledge, drives opinion and develops concrete tools and solutions to stop the litter.

In support of other organizations in their work for a better environment and a better society, SUEZ contributes financially to a number of organizations' activities.

ENS 2000

ENS 2000 is a foundation that works against drug abuse among young people and in schools. By reducing drug use among young people, we can positively influence the future.


Barn med nalle

Team Rynkeby

Barncancerfonden genom Team Rynkeby

In Sweden, one child per day get some form of cancer. That is about 300 children a year. Today, 25% of the children with cancer dies. This makes cancer in children the most common cause of death for children between the ages of 1 and 14 in Sweden.

Team Rynkeby is an international charity project that collects money for children with cancer by cycling to Paris every summer. The goal is to spread the message and raise awareness among individuals and companies, thus collecting money to support the Children's Cancer Fund. Read more at Team rynkebys hemsida.


SUEZ supports Naturskyddsföreningens climate work, which among other things focuses on energy efficiency enhancement of properties together with property owners and landlords. One third of all energy in Sweden is used in homes and properties, where the efficiency potential is high. Read more on  Naturskyddsföreningens site.


We are members of Återvinningsindustrierna, an industry organization representing the private recycling companies in Sweden.