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Governance for the group

Under the general supervision of Jean-Louis Chaussade, the management committee and the executive committee examine and decide on the main directions of the group. The Board of Directors, chaired by Gérard Mestrallet, and its five committees, which bring together experienced experts and professionals from different backgrounds, set the Group’s business directions and oversee their implementation.

Examine the Group’s major decisions and strategic objectives

The Management Committee is an analysis and decision-making body that examines the Group’s major decisions and strategic objectives, and meets every two weeks. As of 1st May 2017, included eight members besides Jean-Louis Chaussade:

Bring together the Group’s various executive instances

The Executive Committee coordinates Group management actions. It includes the members of the Management Committee, the Heads of the main business units and representatives of the support functions.

Set the Group’s business directions and oversee their implementation

The Board of Directors sets the Group’s business directions and oversees their implementation, with the support of various committees.


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Applicable articles and regulations

Group governance is conducted according to various regulations and charters that apply the company articles, the procedures of the Board of Directors and the responsibilities and compensation of corporate officers.


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