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A less resource-consuming growth model is needed. I resolutely engaged SUEZ in the resource revolution. We are ready.
Jean-Louis Chaussade - Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ

Our ambition: to lead the resource revolution

As an expert in water and waste for 150 years that is present on the 5 continents, SUEZ harnesses all its capacity for innovation to work for the efficient and sustainable management of resources. The group is supporting its customers as they make the change from a linear model that over-consumes resources, to a circular model that recycles and recovers them.

SUEZ is one of Sweden's leading recycling and waste management companies. With 1100 employees, 66 local offices and 11 treatment facilities, we offer efficient, environmentally-friendly solutions focusing on innovation and long-term sustainability. By choosing us, you get a close and committed partner with local skills. At the same time, you benefit from our experience as an international player in waste management.


Vision and business concept

SUEZ, as the leading waste management and recycling company in Sweden, will offer services that create the conditions for sustainable and profitable development.

SUEZ will offer customized waste management and recycling services, thereby creating added value for our customers and others in our world.

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